FIFTY – Weekly Writing Challenge


“Have another cookie!”, he said with that content smile of his, arms happily up in the air. But something in his raised eyebrows, tensed forehead and closed fists made me doubt his sincerity. Perhaps he wanted that last cookie all to himself? Was his belly not that satisfied after all?


For the original prompt which inspired me to write this post, please visit The Daily Post’s Weekly Writing Challenge, where guest blogger Vincent Mars introduces the challenge of writing a 50-words-story. No more, no less. Exactly 50. What a brilliant idea!


21 thoughts on “FIFTY – Weekly Writing Challenge

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  7. What a fun piece! Perhaps the cookie is poisoned? 😉 Why else would he give up the last one??

    I just skimmed some of your more recent posts – very much looking forward to reading more from you.


    • Ah! Interesting thought Annie (voiceless2010)! Exactly, right, why else would he give up the last cookie, he sure looks like someone who would enjoy a few cookies a day 🙂
      I hadn’t thought about it being poisoned before, I guess I had just thought of him standing there really eying that last one, hoping I would just give it up voluntarily so he could have it without having to ask for it… As if offering it to me with quite the fake smile you know… 😉
      Well, we’ll never know… the story doesn’t tell. But he is still standing there in my kitchen window, and next time I have a cup of coffee next to him I’ll try to figure out what’s going on in his secret golden mind… hehehe….


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  10. In response to mybrightspots: Thanks so much for featuring my post FIFTY on you blog!
    I love your comment “sure it was more than the picture that made me smile at this one, although it certainly set the right tone. Whether the story is talking about the statue or a real person makes no difference to me. The speaker’s attempt to divine true intent was the win.”
    Very interesting interpretation. I guess it’s as if the quite round golden statue is somewhat mocking me for wanting to eat that last cookie. As if he thinks I shouldn’t. But offers me to do so just to see if I go for it or not. He probably thinks I’ve had enough already, right? But who is he to speak? Perhaps he should watch is own waist line… 😉


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