Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections


For The Daily Post‘s Weekly Photo Challenge I looked through my photos from Cambodia because I knew I had a great picture of the Angkor Wat temples at dawn, reflecting clearly in the waters between them and me with a bright yet soft peachy pink backdrop. But as I was about to pick the photo I had intended I browsed through these others photos that yet again caught my eye. I soon realized that this photo of the tree much more represented the meaning of “reflections” to me.

So for this Weekly Photo Challenge I chose to represent not the literal reflections of an object in say water, but rather the moment of reflection that comes to me when I look at this photo. How nature is greater than us all, and even though we humans directly and indirectly destroy nature, it is so powerful and has its course. These buildings are from the 1100’s, and trees which are older than those constructions completely reclaim their space which was intended for them, growing their roots as it was set out in their DNA, yet somehow manage to coexist with these man-made buildings.

A reflection upon mankind’s coexistence with nature.


14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

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  3. Hellooo… I was gonna add a nice welcome msg, but couldn’t see an About page, or any way of adding comments, apart from on this post…


    • Hi Uncle Spike!
      I’m afraid I’m a little late at getting back to you… Many thanks for your comment and wishing to add a welcome message! I have now polished my blog a bit and managed to add a menu bar at the top, and I think all the links should work fine now. By visiting my About-page https://stockholmserendipity.wordpress.com/me/ one should be able to read about me and my blog, and also leave a comment 🙂

      I hope you enjoy some more of my writing and I wish you a great week ahead!


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  7. I love this photo. I love the contrast between the sunlit tree and the darker ruins. It definitely tells a story of the triumph of nature over human works!

    I really want to go to Angkor Wat someday….


    • Thanks Annie, that’s so nice of you!
      Angkor Wat is a truly amazing place, so incredibly unreal and just completely weird, yet as close to nature and history and a type of Buddhist calm you could ever imagine. If you get the chance to go to some place far away, that’s definitively a place to consider….


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