Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections


For The Daily Post‘s Weekly Photo Challenge I looked through my photos from Cambodia because I knew I had a great picture of the Angkor Wat temples at dawn, reflecting clearly in the waters between them and me with a bright yet soft peachy pink backdrop. But as I was about to pick the photo I had intended I browsed through these others photos that yet again caught my eye. I soon realized that this photo of the tree much more represented the meaning of “reflections” to me.

So for this Weekly Photo Challenge I chose to represent not the literal reflections of an object in say water, but rather the moment of reflection that comes to me when I look at this photo. How nature is greater than us all, and even though we humans directly and indirectly destroy nature, it is so powerful and has its course. These buildings are from the 1100’s, and trees which are older than those constructions completely reclaim their space which was intended for them, growing their roots as it was set out in their DNA, yet somehow manage to coexist with these man-made buildings.

A reflection upon mankind’s coexistence with nature.


Choosing the Perfect Blog Name: Paper and Salt

A bright pink picture with an embossed leaf.

This is the desktop of my mind

I love this interview below with Nicole Villeneuve, the author of the blog Paper and Salt. The name Paper and Salt is so pretty and that is what caught my attention to continue reading the interview. The name rolls nicely on the tongue and I see it, just like the ladies having tea in her picture, in black and white. It’s delicate somehow, it’s as if I can hear the crisp sound of a good quality old page being turned in a book… Beautiful!

A few months ago I started my own blog Stockholm Serendipity. I love the word serendipity, for its meaning and also for the way it sounds and look on paper. I knew I wanted my blog name to include a city which I identify with, which for different reasons would be Stockholm, London, New York City or Tokyo. Stockholm Serendipity was a perfect match! To my eyes, my ears and my tongue. And my mind 🙂

If you want to read my blog post on how my thoughts were going about the name serendipity, you can find it here https://stockholmserendipity.wordpress.com/2014/01/17/on-the-topic-of-serendipity/ I’d love to hear your comment, and perhaps an insight into how you yourself came up with your blog name?

Happy reading!

The Daily Post

From Talking Covers to The Importance of Being Serbian, we always enjoy hearing from bloggers about the clever names they come up with for their blogs. Today, we’re chatting with Nicole Villeneuve, who writes about food and literature over at Paper and Salt.

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